RAJGIR GEMS LLP is one of India’s leading trading diamond company since 20th march 1990.the Partners of the Company are 1-Kunal Ashok Nahar 2- Ashok N.Nahar and 3- Lavina kunal Nahar. We specialize in manufacturing and trading of GIA certified ROUND AND FANCY shape. We have the entire range of certified diamonds in rounds and fancies from 0.30ct to +10.00cts. & we have different types of makes such as excellent, very good, and good, as per the highest value addition parameters and depending on the client’s demand and market conditions.

The company is committed to product innovation and excellence. A highly customer-centric organization, we have established a reputation in the industry for our commitment, tradition of trust, confidence and relationships.

Our proficient sales task force, attend to diamond retailers and manufactures within India, China, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Australia, Middle east & Israel.